Such a weird descriptor for the eyebags aka lower lid. How about calling them ‘Puffy Beacons of the Tired Individual’. They are actually my own personal aesthetic melting point. I inherited mine from my father and checked them first thing every morning. A ‘puffy eye day’ was my equivalent of the ‘bad hair day’. There were always two teaspoons in my butter drawer to freeze those bags into submission!

I felt amazing when I could get enough rest to actually see them shrink a little. So, in true Dr K style, decided I was on a mission to NAIL my eye game. And then share it, of course.

I tried a few things, just short of everything…

Started with my first principle of Aesthetics (and medicine) – First Do No Harm. Got rid of the eye make up removers, all standard cosmeceuticals (yes, Chanel) and changed to coconut oil or micellar water to melt off eye make up. Along with a DNA peptide serum containing no nasties. I even switched to a foundation that is mixed with hyaluronic acid beads (ie. moisture 101) instead of standard concealer. Ok so now that skin was not being damaged by chemicals and was being nourished in the process of hiding it with my make up. BANG!

Then came the interventions. I played with filling the mid face, which is the classic approach. I did get some tugging of the eyebag skin and slight improvement but not 100% there. As an injector, I behold a pretty natural aesthetic for myself. I like to not be ‘picked’ for being an injectables obsessive myself. I’ve never rocked a polished aesthetic, and so the ‘done’ look was not on the cards. But the option of a surgical eyelid lift started to become appealing…

Then I started seeing a really unique approach to Tear Trough injecting that actually fitted with my ‘naturale’ taste. It was performed on and then taught to me by my big boss Dr Tass. Finally started waking up in the morning and not checking the bags! And whatsmore, the hyaluronic acid living in there is moisturising that crepey skin from the inside. And it is stimulating collagen production! I’ll post a before and after of one of my Tear Trougj munchkins soon. She is almost as thrilled as I was with this cool approach.

So the surgery is on hold! The eye creams are in the BIN where they belong. For the price of a few La Mer rubbishy products, I have a solution to my issue that will last up to two years. Next stop, permanent filler using fat grafting. And yes, that fat is taken from your inner thigh or belly – bonus!

Tear Troughs And How To Kick Them To The Curb