Midface (cheek) fillers are all the rage at the moment. Here in Melbourne we are seeing a creep of the ‘fresh’ look from these fillers. That said, this treatment has been popular in Cosmetic Epicentres such as the States and Sydney for a little longer.

They are actually my favourite treatment. Most humans are ‘appropriate’ to have this performed from their late twenties. It basically involves injecting fillers into one of the first spots of volume loss – the malar fat pad, seated just below the eyebag. Then we can work with placing filler into the eyebag itself, or track back along the cheekbone to give a more striking sloped cheek. This malar fat pad gives us a young round cheek, but also supports the crepey skin under the eye and pulls up the lower face a bit like a curtain. Funnily enough, this whole structure also supports the EYE. So filling here can result:

1. Gentle tug on eyebag skin to make it more taut
2. Tilting the outer corner of the eye UPWARD (which is what we mimic when we do eyeliner ‘flicks’ ie intrinsically beautiful concept of eye).

Most young women will do really well with just one or two fillers. Sometimes if there is a little left over, it can be dropped in the lips to give INTERNAL MOISTURISER effect of fillers. When we are older, there is also some recession of the bony support of the cheek and so it might require more volume. It is best done step by step in these cases.

If done well, the result is just a rested and fresh look. If done poorly, it looks unmatched to the rest of the cheek and the temples. An example of this is Madonna right now. This is called a ‘peanut head’ and would be easily addressed if someone filled her temples.

It is helpful to Dr Google some before and afters, just punch in ‘midface fillers’. Be wary of the cosmetic before and afters when make up, lighting and posing are creating the stellar result. We have lots of real life before and afters in the clinic to show how amazing this simple treatment can be. Have a think about it and happy to answer any questions about this passion of mine!

Midface Fillers