Jawline slimming injections are good for two things:

1. Stops grinding of teeth (which can be a cause of bulbous masseter muscles and poor sleep)
2. Creates a more beautiful facial shape by softening the angle of the jaw

Today I treated a jaw grinding Brotox bro with 60 units of Botox to his masseters. He has many hallmarks of tooth grinding, including flat molar teeth, a bulge over the jaw angles, slightly squaring of the face (which can be attractive to an extent) and sleep disruption. In about a week, he should note an improvement in his symptoms and it will take 4-8 weeks for the full effect. My hope is that he will have slight softening of the jaw angle and eradication of grinding. He will need to top up once or twice per year.

It is a very safe procedure – the most common problem is needing more Botox than initially dosed. We generally start at 50 units for this issue.
Have a google of ‘jawline slimming’ injections and see if this might help you out.

Jawline slimming injections